We embrace and support the idea that working in unison with families, care providers, and staff is imperative for a pleasant transition to our facility. Our trained and compassionate staff will provide a personalized level of care customized to the needs of each individual resident.

We offer a variety of services including: assistance with daily living activities, housekeeping, laundry services, transportation, medication management and a variety of daily social, educational, and physical planned activities. We can also accommodate special diets if prescribe by a doctor and a Hospice waiver.










At Serenity we embrace and support on the idea that working in unison with families, care providers, and our staff is imperative for a pleasant transition to our facility.  Our trained and compassionate staff providers provide a personalized level of care, customized to the needs of each individual resident.

Our basic services include assistance with activities of daily living, housekeeping, mediation assistance, and nutritious meals. Transportation assistance can be arranged with facility staff.

As care providers we know the importance of exercise and activity for our residents’ overall wellbeing. We welcome outsources Home Health Companies providing physical therapy to clients and follow any prescribed physical activity regimen as well as provide other options to stay physically active.

Walking Club

Our Walking Club is available to all and participation is encouraged. Club members will have a monthly meeting vote and plan the following weeks walking activities. Walking trips may include; community walks, grocery store trips, mall walks, nursery visits, Downtown Riverside shop visits, or any place of their choosing.

Therapeutic Organic Gardening Club

The highlight of the property is our resident managed community Garden.  Members will participate in deciding what is grown and cultivated.  Our garden provides a space to share and build relationship by engaging participants directly in the creation and maintenance of a beautiful, useful growing space. Our gardeners can socialize and connect with fellow residents, to build a sense of community and develop shared pride. Our ultimate goal is to engage residents in a level of gardening that is appropriate to their physical abilities.

Bingo Club

Bingo although competitive in nature is beneficial to our residents because it allows them to stay mentally active. It helps with physical and mental coordination while encouraging healthy competition as well as social well being. The laughter and excitement of playing Bingo with friends and family has been known to be beneficial in reducing levels of stress and depression.

Wii Console

Our residents will have full access to our Wii Console which boasts interactive fitness games.  Residents will enjoy the physical workout compose of gentle aerobics, basic yoga poses, balance exercises, and low impact workouts suitable for our seniors.  All these activities will be enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of home